Searching For a Dependable VoIP Service? Try Axvoice Today

Landline phones are things of the past. Nowadays, most people prefer picking up a cell phone to get in contact with others. However, that’s not cheap at all. So, that’s when everyone tries the next best thing: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

In recent years, may it be for business or personal use, people have started using IP phones more and more.

Now, if you are looking for the Best VOIP Service Provider for your home use, then you are in the right place. Because, today, we are going to review the Axvoice residential VoIP services.

In case you don’t know what a VoIP phone is and how it works, here is some basic information:

What is a VoIP Phone and How Does It Operate?

As its name suggests, an Internet Protocol (IP) phone uses the internet to connect your calls to other phones. The simplest way to explain is that the VoIP service takes care of all the encoding and decoding of digital/analog signals to make it all possible.

Let’s say you make a call to a local landline phone from your VoIP phone.

What happens is that you send encoded digital signals over the internet, which are then decoded and re-encoded into analog signals through the VoIP service you use before it passes them to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

So, that’s how the call is made to the number you dialed. Eliminating the need for any local telephone company and its services on your end.

Now, let’s talk about Axvoice and how it fairs in becoming the Best VOIP Service Provider for you.

Axvoice Offers 3 Residential VoIP Plans

The reason most people are switching to IP phone services is all due to the cheap calling rates they offer along with additional features. Where Axvoice is doing a fair job because it’s offering three different residential VoIP plans and 30+ features with its budget VoIP phone service.

You can purchase the USA/Canada Unlimited plan that allows you to make unlimited calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canada at just USD 8.25 per month. Along with its full list of VoIP phone features, which we will discuss later in the article, and free equipment, i.e., Axvoice phone adapter, etc.

Then there’s the USA/Canada 200 home phone service plan that you can get for USD 5.99 monthly. It allows you to make 200 minutes’ worth of calls to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. Again, you get free equipment, but this plan offers free incoming calls as well.

Lastly, you can choose the Pay as You Go plan for USD 4.99 per month. That way you can make calls at 1.5 cents a minute to anywhere in the aforementioned places. While you get free incoming calls and equipment, too, with this plan.

A good VoIP phone service should be affordable, and so far, Axvoice hasn’t disappointed.

Is it Reliable?

We decided to buy its Unlimited Residential VoIP calling plan. So, we could check all the features the IP phone service has to offer. While some of the prominent ones are:

  • Caller ID: A must-have feature that informs you about the caller IDs of incoming calls.
  • Call Waiting: This allows you to switch between two calls without having to disconnect any of them.
  • Do Not Disturb: A feature that redirects all incoming calls to voicemail. If and when you require some peace and quiet at home.
  • Blacklist: All numbers, once included in this list, get blocked. So, no unwanted callers can trouble you ever.
  • Call Forwarding: This feature allows you to redirect calls from your Axvoice line to any phone number (from the USA/Canada) you want. So, you can pick calls to your home phone even when away on a vacation or business trip.

After trying out the alleged Best VOIP Service Provider Axvoice and its different features, we found out that it delivers on its unlimited outgoing calls offer with the respective plan as promised.

The voice quality was clean and high definition almost all the time, no matter where we called in the U.S. or Canada. Sometimes, when it did get bad, it was either due to the other phone having bad service or our internet connection experiencing some technical issues.

That’s when changing the Axvoice bandwidth codecs helped. Because the service allowed us to switch over to lower-bandwidth codecs such as GSM, G.711a, G.711u, and G729.

The service even has a free in-network calling feature, but sadly we couldn’t check it with another phone using Axvoice. But we are certain it will work just fine as all its other features did.

To take things further, you can use the Axvoice phone from anywhere because it offers softphone support. It means you can install a softphone app on your smartphone and the service will let you make calls on the go.

The only thing left to say, currently, is that the Axvoice VoIP phone service is reliable. So, even if you try its services today, you will definitely get all that you need!

Now, due to such features, all we fear is that cell phone services might be out of the communications circle soon. Just like landline phones did in the early 2000s.

Is It the Best You Can Get?

There are many VoIP services in the market today. All fighting to become the Best VOIP Service Provider in the field. However, most big companies offer their IP phone services at high rates.

That’s why offering great features and reliable services is not all. Affordability is required as well.

So, given its low calling rates and flexible residential plans, Axvoice is more than a fair VoIP service for your home use.

But before you go ahead and buy a VoIP home phone service, there are a few things you need to know.

Requirements of Having a VoIP Phone

After reading the article so far, you might be thinking of getting a VoIP phone for your home. However, first, you should learn about some of its requirements.

If you want things to work out perfectly, you will need to have a:

  • Good DSL (high-speed) internet connection (with enough bandwidth to handle calls and internet use at the same time)
  • Phone Adapter (so you can use the internet alongside making calls with your VoIP service)
  • Handset or Softphone app

If you have these three items, you are ready to enjoy any VoIP phone service without any problems.

While buying any of the Axvoice residential VoIP plans, you get free equipment. Meaning the service provides you a phone adapter and softphone app.

After which you only require a broadband internet connection. But as most people already have that at home.

So, acquiring Axvoice home phone service is just another way of setting up your VoIP phone with a single stop to its website.

If you think there’s another IP phone service out there more suitable for you, then don’t dismiss your thoughts. Do some more research.

Because we know that Axvoice is definitely not the only worth-buying VoIP service in the market. So, if you keep looking, sooner or later, we are sure you will come across the VoIP phone service of your dreams.

While, in the end, we hope that you may find the top VoIP phone service provider according to your needs!