Seasonic reveals 12-pin power cable for upcoming NVIDIA RTX 30 GPUs

NVIDIA is working on its next generation of GPUs, and we are getting more and more details about these cards every day. Today, we have a semi-official reveal of the 12-pin power cable for these new cards. Read on!

Now, this is semi-official because it does not come from NVIDIA itself, but from Seasonic. Seasonic is a well-known maker of power supplies and this reveal was made officially. The official Seasonic account posted images of the 12-pin power cable for the upcoming RTX 30 series cards, on the Chinese social network Bilibili. Take a look:

NVIDIA RTX 30 power cable NVIDIA RTX 30 power cable NVIDIA RTX 30 power cable 1

The cable is 75 cms long and comes with one 12-pin connection via two standard 8-pin connectors. 8-pin connectors are rated for a maximum of 150W power, giving this 12-pin connector a 300W rating. Additionally, the card could take up to 75W from the PCIe slot, so it looks like the next-gen NVIDIA cards are all set to be power-hungry beasts.

The post noted the cable was for testing only, and that there was no NDA against sharing it.

NVIDIA is set for an official unveiling via a GeForce live stream on September 1. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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