Secrets of Creating Effective Product Photos for Marketplaces

One of the key secrets of successful sales on marketplaces is high-quality product photos. It is an essential tool to help you sell online. In this post, we will talk about what high-quality photo content is, why it is crucial in e-commerce, and how to make it. We will also share with you the top effective tips to make outstanding product photos for popular marketplaces. So keep reading and boost your sales with the visuals you create.

Why Are Photos so Important for Marketplaces?

When posting products on a marketplace, you must not only create a high-quality description of a product but also attach a photo that will meet all platform requirements. Only in this way, you can make a product image start selling for you.

The production of visual content for e-commerce platforms and marketplaces must be approached as responsibly as possible. And there are several reasons for this:

  • An attractive picture is a good way to catch and hold the attention of a potential buyer;
  • Photography is the only way to provide a detailed and accurate visual representation of a product to those shopping online;
  • A visual is perceived much more efficiently than the text; it conveys the necessary information faster;
  • An image demonstrates the advantages of a product, shows it from different angles;
  • A buyer evaluates the size, color, and other important parameters of a product from the photo;
  • A high-quality photo increases the value of a product, builds loyalty, and facilitates making a purchase decision.

A detailed product description, a list of its technical characteristics, purchase conditions, a clear call to action, and other elements of the product card are also important. But without a photo, hardly any of the site visitors will go to the product page and be interested in the offer. It is like an empty shop window that no one goes to. People do not want to buy a pig in a poke. That’s why it is so important to make sure that your customers can find not only product descriptions but also product photos, and that the latter are handled professionally.

How to Create High-Quality Product Photos

When creating visual content for product placement on marketplaces, adhere to the following rules:

  • Show the product from different angles – This will give an idea of ​​the actual dimensions of the product and will help your potential buyers visualize it in the application environment;
  • Go for simplicity – Eliminate clutter and focus on the product. Use the background remover to erase unnecessary details from the shot. This will add visual value to the photo;
  • Follow the shadow – Without it, the object will look flat, schematic, and unrealistic;
  • Take pictures with high resolution – You can always hire a professional photographer. Such an investment will pay off with interest and help you stand out from the competition;
  • Save files in a correct format – It can be JPG, PNG, or SVG depending on the requirements of a particular marketplace;
  • Optimize your visual content for search engines – Write informative titles and keywords in the alt tags. Make sure the image matches the context.

Low-quality product photos, lack of tags, incorrectly chosen angles for the shots – these are some of the mistakes that novice sellers make. All this slows down content indexing, reduces the level of trust in the seller, and does not induce a purchase. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try to avoid these mistakes and approach visual content production for e-commerce platforms and marketplaces with special care and responsibility.

Final Say!

Photos are an effective e-commerce tool that helps buyers get to know a product better, builds trust in a seller, and increases sales. To get the maximum sales on an e-commerce platform, you need to correctly present the product. We recommend that you properly prepare and take high-quality photographs that will allow you to show the product from all angles. In this case, it is imperative to comply with the requirements of the marketplace and follow the above recommendations.