Select from the platter full of virtual colorful wallpapers

You are really sick of watching the same blue default wallpaper on your PC and want to spice things up a bit. It is really very difficult to make the wallpaper change if you are not aware of the best apps, which will help you to get hands-on live wallpaper. If you are using Windows 10, then listed below are some of the major apps from where you can procure free live wallpaper for windows 10. Not just noted for its free charge, but these live wallpapers can change the entire look of your screen. Now, every time, before you start your daily work, this live wallpaper will make your day for sure.

So, to be on the safer side, it is important to check out all the apps offering free live wallpapers. Without wasting time, let’s start comparing apps that provide free live wallpaper for windows 10 and the extra features these apps are able to provide you with. Based on that, you can select the right colorful wallpapers for your use.

My Live Wallpapers:

The next time you are looking for line Anime wallpapers, My Live Wallpapers is the option for you to consider. It is technically not an app but a website. But, the vast list of live wallpaper options will surely help you to find one that matches your choice the most.

  • With everyone being an Anime fan these days, it is always mandatory to get in touch with this website once and for all. You have a multitude of options to choose from.
  • This website has the power to take characters you love straight from the fictional world and then let them live behind the screen.
  • The only job you need to focus on is to make them come to life, and for that, you need to download the right graphics. Later, you can set them as your new desktop backgrounds.
  • Even though this website will focus solely on the anime site, there are some other art-related categories, which should not be neglected at all.
  • For example, if you are looking for live wallpapers, which are bordering on the edge of fiction, whether random graphics that look awesome or a game character, you will find those options over here too.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the quality at all. The developers of this website are pretty serious about the quality and will display the HD ones only.

Widget Launcher:

Widgets were an in-thing a few years back, and people used to love them completely. After staying in the dark for quite some time, these widgets have finally made a comeback.

  • Now, for Windows 10, you will see the Widget Launcher. It is better than ever and will not serve the purpose of digital gadgets displaying only the needed information.
  • Instead, it will showcase major puzzle pieces, which will be put together into wallpaper, like nothing you have seen before.
  • Right from some major themes that are showing various time zones, real-time RSS feeds, calendars, to even some applications on imagines, you can transform anything you want into a little widget and place that on the screen.
  • All these widgets will help you to keep up with your surroundings. For that, you just have to take a brief look at the given screen.
  • Now, how you are planning to personalize the new widget loaded background is completely up to you to decide.
  • This app will offer widgets and not fix them in any place. You can fill the screen background with multiple apps you prefer and reposition them for an eye-catching effect.
  • Now you get the chance to be creative and arrange the widgets in the right order as and when you have asked for them. It will help to make the screen a perfect treat for your eyes.

Change the look of your screen completely:

It is true that you are tired of the basic blue background on your computer screen, but with these live wallpapers, now you get the chance to make your imagination overflow and create some awesome responses as and when asked for. Always remember to check out all the possible apps, and then you can download as many live wallpapers as you want from those sources.