Sharkoon Announces the X-Tatic Air Wireless Gaming Headset

Sharkoon is expanding their range of gaming headsets with a wireless version. The X-Tatic Air wireless multiplatform headset was developed specifically for the needs of console gamers. The stereo headset is compatible with Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC and notebooks as well as TV sets and other sound sources with RCA audio outputs.

Installation is quite simple: The transmitter is quickly connected to the respective terminal through the enclosed adapter. Of course, all voice chat features on the consoles are fully supported. In regards to the PS3, the microphone function is connected directly to the gaming console via USB. The microphone input on the Xbox 360 controller is simply connected to the headset through the enclosed chat cable.

Sharkoon X-Tatic Headset

The digital 2.4 GHz transmission technology of the X-Tatic Air ensures clear voice and game sound within the vicinity of up to ten meters. Two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries provide the power supply and enables gaming sessions of up to ten hours. Two additional AAA batteries are also included, which are charged and stored within the base station. This guarantees that fully charged batteries are always readily available and can be quickly swapped-out. The headset informs the player audibly when the batteries are running low and should be changed. This ensures that nothing gets in the way of continuous operation with the X-Tatic Air. Additional AA batteries are included which can be charged and stored in the base station until their next use in an Xbox controller. Also, a PS3 controller can be connected and charged through the front USB port on the base station. Thus the USB port, which is used for connection to the transmitter base station, ensures that nothing is lost in terms of power supply.

The headset conforms to the shape of the head and provides a comfortable fit – even through all night gaming sessions – with its adjustable, padded headband and soft fabric ear pads. It has a flexible, detachable microphone, as well as three equalizer modes for special sound effects. All settings, such as volume and microphone mute, can comfortably be made directly on the headset. An LED signal indicates coupling of the headset with the transmitter and receiver unit. An LED within the microphone indicates when the mute function has been activated. Chat and game volume can be controlled separately on the headset. To ensure that the batteries are not unnecessarily drained, the X-Tatic Air goes into an energy-saving sleep mode if no audio signal is detected after three minutes.

The transmitter base station, with an integrated charger for two AA and two AAA NiMH batteries, also offers a wide-array of connectivity options in addition to everything else. Two separate analog audio inputs, situated next to the port for the console, simultaneously allow connection to either a television or other sound source. On the transmitter, a toggle switch lets you choose between the audio inputs. To use the chat feature, it can be connected to the PS3 through the USB port. In addition, a PC and Notebook running Windows XP/Vista/7/8 can easily operate via USB within Plug-and-Play. Here the station acts as an external sound card, of course, with microphone support. The detachable headset stand serves as a practical base and holder for the headset during breaks in gaming.

Included within the packaging is the transmitter station, detachable headset stand, detachable microphone, 1x RCA cable, 2x RCA adapters for the looping of audio signals, 1x USB cable, 1x 2.5 mm chat cable for Xbox, 4x NiMH AA rechargeable batteries, power supply (110V to 230V) with travel adapter (EU, USA and UK) and a detailed instruction manual.

End customers will find the Sharkoon X-Tatic Air available for the suggested retail price of 99.90 euros from authorized retailers.

Source: Sharkoon | News Archive

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