Silicon Power Releases WiFi Enabled SD Cards

Silicon Power has just released new Wi-Fi enabled SD cards. We all pretty much agree with the fact that digital cameras are amazing but when it comes transferring thousands of photos by connecting it to laptops is a big time hassle and at times inconvenient as well. Fortunately Silicon Power has done a great job by resolving this big issue.


Among important features it includes the following:

  • Wireless transferring and instant sharing:
  • Coming up with the concept of “Shoot and View” and instant sharing, Sky shares S10 presents you a perfect way of sharing your most memorable moments with ease and convenience. Supporting the wireless connectivity, it skips the time-consuming steps which we face while transferring media.

  • Free Wi-Fi SD APP for both iOS and Android devices:
  • Wireless SD card and the exclusive APP has made very convenient for the users to connect their digital cameras to their smart phones and tablets and downloading and sharing photos right after they have taken the snapshots

  • Web UI design:
  • Sky Share S10 is considered to be superior to the other Wi-Fi SD cards with its amazing design of Web UI which permits non-App users to enjoy the Wi-Fi SD advantages and share the photos at the same time

These cards come in both SD and Micro SD format, available with a storage capacity of 16 GB and 32GB. They broadcast at the standard 2.4GHz frequency, while having a 2 year warranty.

No details on pricing have been discussed.

Source: Silicon Power | News Archive