Silicon Power Velox Series V30 60GB Solid State Drive Review

Testing – HD Tune Pro
HD Tune Pro is one of the most popular hard drive software suites available. It has many different benchmarks and tests built into it.  Our first test is the read benchmark, which tests the average read speed and access time of the drive.

Very impressive here, having an average transfer of 402.4MB/s during the benchmark.  Up next is the write benchmark.

The write performance was still impressive at an average of 359.9MB/s, but our other drives did a little better.

Now we have the Random Access test.  This test measures the performance of random read and write operations. Tests are taken in 512b, 4KB, 64KB, 1MB, and random file sizes. The performance of the drive is reported in operations a second (IOPS), average access time and average speed. Here are both the results from the read and write random access tests.

As I always say we want to see over 5000 IOPS for the 4KB test.  The read score was just over 5000 and the write score was a very impressive 23742 IOPS!

In HD Tune Pro 5.0 the file benchmark is actually 2 tests now.  The first is the normal file benchmark we are used to see that tests different transfer speeds over specific file lengths.

The newly added file benchmark also tests a file size (500MB for our test) and gives you sequential read and write speeds.  It also gives you IOPS for 4KB random single and 4K random multi.

HD Tune also has a set of extra tests.  Here are the results of those for both read and write.

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