Silicon Power Velox Series V30 60GB Solid State Drive Review

Testing – ATTO Disk Benchmark & CrystalDiskMark
Next up we have ATTO Disk Benchmark that measures transfer rates across specific lengths.  ATTO uses RAW data, our transfer sizes ranged from 0.5 to 8192kb.  ATTO is usually or definitive benchmark for solid state drives.

Impressive here giving us the best read results we have seen on a SATA 6GB/s drive, although the write score was quite low.

CrystalDiskMark is our next test and it has a sequential read / write test as well as a 512k and 4k random read / write test.  For the past few reviews I had wondered why CrystalDiskMark was giving such weird results.  That is because the basic test uses incompressible data.  Those results are below.

Obviously you can see the write scores are very low.  If we run the test again using 0 Fill or compressible data we get better results.

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