SilverStone Fortress FT04 Case Review

Final Thoughts for the Silverstone Fortress FT-04

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As I mentioned in the first part of the Review, this case is a rare case to find since the Silverstone Fortress FT05 made its debut. This does not make this case any less but more to me because it was not a very popular case and therefore there are not a lot of them around. For you buyers that like to have the best of cases and have one that not many people can afford or can even find this is the case for you and you better hurry to get the last few that are still available. This is a very high quality case that can handle a nice custom loop 360mm internal radiator.

The classic style is reminiscent of cases gone by and has a Luxury look and quality that is rare in these days of fast food cheap cases. The Silverstone Fortress FT04 is without question one of the best quality cases on the market. Every hole is tapped to perfection, every part is refined, clean and quality made.

While there are people that absolutely hate a case that has a door in the front that is a choice in preference and not in quality. Some like the clean classy look of a sculpted all aluminum door that can stand the test of time and can handle the outcropping of a SD cards in a reader, and a knobbed fan or pump controller. The buttons are very well placed and flush with the body so as to not take away from the clean classic artistic element of the case. This case has Post Modern look of the Chrysler building with just the right amount of curves to make this case very attractive.

The side ventilation is very large and can accommodate the most aggressive fans that is installed in the front even for a push/pull type of radiator cooling solution. I would have liked to have seen a removable hinged metal door for the power supply door but that is just me. The case is extremely breathable and very convertible to many different motherboard and accommodation for other parts. All the drive-bays are removable and the fan air vent on the inner part of the front intake can be removed as well. The motherboard tray is removable as well.

If I had to say there was a down side to this case it would be the weight of the case. It is very heavy weighing in at a very hefty 11.4 kilograms which for our American readers that is equal to 25.12 lbs. with no build inside, so this is not a case you will be wanting to carry to your average LAN party unless you have a set of sturdy hand trucks to carry it with a hydraulic lift on the back of the car or truck. This weight is also an indication of the amount quality that this case gives the buyer. Like the classic cars of the distant past this case is built to that same standard that made those classics last the long test of time.

Any other downside would have to be the learning curve of building in this case. You could find yourself thinking for days about how you want to configure your build since the space is luxurious but complex, mainly because it is so convertible from old school to new age building.

Right now you can pick up this case at our favorite online retailer for $239.99.

Overall this is one of the best cases I have ever reviewed and if I was asked if this is a perfect case I would have to say yes, “it’s close enough to perfect for me.” ThinkComputers gives the SilverStone Fortress FT04 Case a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Elegantly stylish
– Second to none quality of build and materials
– Water and Air cooling ready
– Wire Management holes in the right place
– Able to mount even the largest of motherboards
– Unlimited clearance for the largest of power supplies
– Fan controllers and removable motherboard tray

– Heavy weight case
– Plastic cover on the top
– Hinged door in front (Can be a CON for some but not all)
– Complex design elements

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