Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench Review

The illusive PC Test Bench, something that if you are reviewing or testing PC hardware is a must have. Test benches make it extremely easy to swap out hardware compared to a traditional PC case. This not only makes things easier, but saves you quite a lot of time and frustration as well. Surprisingly there are not that many companies that offer PC test benches, but Lian Li is one of them. They first released the PC-T60, which supported ATX motherboards, but lacked room for AiO watercooling. The Lian Li PC-T80 is now here and supports motherboards up to XL-ATX and has room for radiators up to 360mm. We will be using this test bench for our new graphics card test rig, will it fit the bill? Read on as we find out!

Model: PC-T80X / PC-T80A
Case Type: Test Bench
– (W) 440mm
– (H) 435mm
– (D) 335mm
Color: Silver / black
Body Material: Aluminum
Net Weight: 6kg
5.25″ drive bay: None
HDD bay:
– 3.5″ HDD x3
– 2.5″ HDD x7
– (or 2.5″ x4 + 3.5″ x6)
Expansion Slots: 8
– Micro-ATX
System Fan: 120mm x3(Optional)
I/O Ports:
– USB3.0 x 4
– HD Audio(Optional)
PSU: ATX(Optional)

The PC-T80 comes in a pretty plain box, and as you can tell the test bench does not come pre-assembled. On the front it lets us know that it is the PC-T80 and there is a big “DIY” logo on there as well.

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

On the side of the box it lists the official specifications and lets us know which version of the TC-T80 we received which is the PC-T80X (black), the case also comes in a silver version as well (PC-T80A).

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

Opening up the box all of the aluminum panels and components are nicely packaged and protected by large pieces of styrofoam and each piece comes in it’s own plastic bag. This will ensure that none of the panels are scratched during delivery. Also inside we find the assembly guide, which is pretty detailed and includes photos.

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

Getting everything out of the box we have quite a lot of parts. As I said each component is in a plastic bag.

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

Now let’s see if we can get this test bench together!

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