NZXT Noctis 450 Mid Tower Case Review

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NZXT is not a new comer to the computer case world but they have reinvented themselves over the past few years to become one of the best selling case brands in the business. I can remember my first look at an older NZXT case and thinking to myself what a cool name for a ho-hum product. They reminded me of a cheaper brand name that I will remain nameless at first and my interest waned for a while, but then they introduced the Phantom and my opinion of the new builder slowly started to change. Now the NZXT Phantom was a beautiful case in mine and many other readers opinions. From that time on I have liked almost every NZXT case that has been released for a few exceptions that I won’t take the time to name. My own personal signature rig is a NZXT S340 White Edition. Remember, I have the opportunity to pick any computer case I wish from the many case reviews that I have submitted to me, so I chose the NZXT S340 for the amazing way that they took the past ideas of the best case Modder’s over the last decade and implemented those elements in the newer NZXT cases that began sharing the innovations from the past top case building community and offing basically what is an affordable and almost pre-modded unit for less time and less money. Great concept I think, don’t you agree… huh? The case is clean and well engineered; the looks are stunning and the features and size is perfect for me, but I digress. Today we are looking at one of NZXT’s newest cases; The NZXT NOCTIS 450 Mid-Tower Desktop Computer Case.

The NZXT NOCTIS 450 is a mixture of engineering and modern art; sharing an internal frame that we have come a custom to see with the more familiar S340 and H440 in addition to adding to that, mixing a completely different outer shell design theme based on the Phantom theme. The NOCTIS 450 is like imagining a Phantom and a H440 metamorphosing together into a completely different mixture of look and style, but still keeping that similar inner engineering that we have come to enjoy with NZXT sharing of innovations of Custom Computer Case Modders around the Globe. The fit is solid and the case has a great price point at $139.99. I would highly recommend this case to any new builder or someone looking to replace an older case if they are really into its Art Deco Modern Artistic styling offered by this new NOCTIS 450 NZXT CASE theme because for the price there are very few cases out there at this price point that have what this case does.

With the NZXT NOCTIS 450 you have the potential for 360mm x 120mm water cooling radiators or smaller 120mm configurations or the newer 280mm x 140mm radiators on both the top and the front sub-structure and a great amount of airflow, although you would hardly guess that with all the stylish coverings that adorn the outer shell of the molded steel accent pieces. Those coverings have between 2.5 mm to about 4.5 mm of clearance from an almost total covering of metallic venting that lay underneath the coverings allowing for a very low restricted airflow into the inner cabin of the build. The case is made well with plastic with metal covering over the front and top with addition to the lighting that is included in the deal. Like the NZXT H440 “Razer” Edition the lighting illuminates the bottom rails of the case like a street racer on a Saturday night with lighted underpinning and a lighted logo at the bottom of the front window brightly illuminated in same blue with the White Edition NOCTIS 450 and the Black Edition NOCTIS 450 getting the red Lighting theme treatment. Both with the same style and placement but just different accent colors to give the case that custom themed build look. The power button lights with a ring around it with the same accent color and like the Razor H440 edition it has its own led powered distribution PC circuit-board mounted behind the motherboard tray to run all the lighting for easy setup, additions and maintenance. Also the NZXT NOCTIS offers a single circuit-board controlled PWM (Phase Wave Modulation) 4 pin fan distributing unit that powers all the fans with variable pulses of pure 12Vdc instead of the variable voltage type fan controllers. This inner unit receives 12 volt pulses from the motherboard to control fan speed and it all can be controlled from one Motherboard PWM 4 pin or 3 pin fan CPU pin-out. This eliminates excess wiring for an overall better build looks with less wiring confusion.

Noctis Spec Sheet

Fan Specs.


140mm Exhaust Fan Specs. x 1
FN V2 140 (Case Version)
Speed: 1,000 RPM
Airflow: 50 CFM
Noise: 21 dBA


120mm Forward Intake Fans x3
FN V2 120 (Case Version)
Speed: 1,200 RPM
Airflow: 45 CFM
Noise: 21 dBA

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