NZXT Noctis 450 Mid Tower Case Review

Final thoughts for the NZXT NOCTIS 450
Final Feature shot

Okay, it’s obvious that I like this case, but not just because of the look and style that is impeccable, but more so for the way that NZXT is continuing to listening to the professional case enthusiast and implementing their tested and true ideas to the manufacturing of their cases. This case is another evolutionary step up using the custom building ideas from S-340 and the NZXT Phantom them for style and beauty.

If there was anything bad to say about this case it’s really petty and can be seen as purest over-engineering. The top case panel fits so perfectly to the front outer panel that removing either is really a tough thing to do and must be done with care. Take your time. That top panel mates to the front panel so you will have to remove the front panel first before removing the top. There are little plastic pins that fit into the top panels to keep them perfectly lined up together so be sure to remove that bottom panel from the bottom easy and slowly work your way around the front until you are able to separate the two at the top. But I have to say that panels fitting together too nicely is not a bad thing. It looks great actually. The tolerances on this case is incredible. The side panels fit perfectly with almost seamless accuracy and the lighting is professional, practical and stylish.

Of course there are no 5.25″ bays, but with that said there are no doors either and since most of us have migrated to external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray units this is not a problem either. The case runs quietly even while all the fans are running and the outer accent covers do not obstruct air flow as you would first expect. This case has been engineered using the best of the S340, H440, and the Phantom. They seem to have all been melted together to create a case that looks very NZXT Generation, but still has the best of all the cases that have previously been featured here in the past.

Great job NZXT on the NOCTIS 450. It really is a nice case and for the price it is a best buy for what you get and the quality that comes with it. Thank you NZXT for listening to us. You make an old Case Modder very happy with this one, and thanks for all the wire ties.

Right now you can pick up this case at my favorite online retailer for $139.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT Noctis 450 Mid Tower Case a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Excellent wire management features
– Custom lighting
– Intelligent layout
– Almost seamless fit of panels
– Ease of building
– Beautiful

– Top and front panel can be difficult to remove
– PCI thumbscrews are very tight and may require a Flat headed screwdriver to unlock
– SSD bottom mounts loose but I think that is done for a reason.

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