NZXT Noctis 450 Mid Tower Case Review

While this page could be considered useless since I got my case before the new outer design of the box with no codes or color or any other markings except a shipping label but with that said I will show how I got the NZXT NOCTIS 450 before the actual unveiling of the new case.

The container was received in double boxed style for extra protection and well protected to make it review ready for the Premiere showing though many of these cases have been reviewed by now.

Double boxed

The inner box was a plain brown wrapper as it comes with no markings and well taped and it was delivered with a few bumps, but no breaks or damage so I got a really nice case with no issues at all.

Side plain box

I learned from Bill Owen to open a case box from the bottom to make it easier to slide the inner part out of the box with ease and it also helps in repacking it after the review or build. Mine came case face down in the package as seen below.

Bottom open box

The shock proof insulation that came covering both sides of the case was made of the highest quality layered Polyethylene foam that is far superior than the standard Styrofoam material that comes with most computer cases. At this time I am not sure at the way the NZXT NOCTIS 450 is encased but my sample was sent with the finest of case packing foam.

Styro Surround

Of course the typical high density plastic bag enclosure was made for keeping the outside air out. It keeps chemical, water, gas, and humidity from entering into a case and protecting it during the warehousing and delivery phase of its journey from factory to you so all cases come this way but the quality of the material does vary by the quality of the case being delivered so this one is done with a very strong and stought wrapping.

Plastic Cover

Finally the window of the NZXT NOCTIS 450 was covered on both back and front with the self sticking non-adhesive plastic that comes off easy and leaves no residue of glue on the acrylic to clean off. This window was pristine when I received this case as yours should too and the packaging should endure even the most careless of delivery men no matter his personal life is driving him crazy or not.

Side panel wrapped

Over all the Rating of the Packaging for my Sample NZXT NOCTIS 450 was in the BEST from my (GOOD BETTER BEST) category for total overall packaging. Much care was taken and the best of materials were used to get this case to its destination in the same condition it left the factory in and I give it the BEST seal of approval.

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