SilverStone Introduces RGB LED Fan Frames

Have you already outfitted your system with fans, but want some RGB action? SilverStone has you covered with their new RGB LED fan frames, which should save you some money instead of investing in a brand new set of fans.

silverstone rgb 1

SilverStone will be offering two different versions of these ring-shaped fan frames, the FG-122 (120 mm) and FG-142 (140 mm). Each fan frame has 24 RGB LEDs embedded in it, which takes input from a 4-pin RGB header. That should make them compatible with most RGB headers on your motherboard, although there is no mention if they are compatible with certain RGB LED software. You can either screw these fan frame on to your fans or attach them via an adhesive strip. No word yet on pricing.

silverstone rgb 2

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