SilverStone Precision Series PS07 Case Review

Final Thoughts
As I said in the introduction of this review micro ATX or smaller motherboards are becoming extremely popular.  With that many people are building small form factor systems.  The thing that I’ve seen is that many people have to sacrifice when building those systems, but with the Precision Series PS07 you do not.  You can fit up to 5 hard drive inside, large video cards, a large CPU cooler and both micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards.  There are not many cases out there that are this small that offer you that much room.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ease of your build.  With small cases it can really be a pain to install your components because of limited room.  SilverStone includes a removable motherboard tray that makes it very easy to mount your motherboard outside of the case.  The cable routing making routing all of your cables very easy and keeps them out of the way.

You have cooling in the form of two 120mm intake fans.  While these do a pretty good job at cooling I would have liked to have seen a true push pull setup with an exhaust fan as well.  There is of course a mounting for one if you wanted to add one in the future.  If you removed the two front fans I could see you installing a watercooling setup depending on the space.

One of the biggest factors when choosing a case is the design and looks and with the PS07 you will not be disappointed.  Both the white and black versions look awesome although I am more of a fan of the white.  Either way this is a case you are going to want to have sitting on your desk or out where people can see it because it really is sleek.

The PS07 can be found for around $80 online which is a great deal.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the SilverStone Precision Series PS07 Case a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 small TC award recommended small

– Sleek design
– Lots of room inside considering its size
– Removable motherboard tray
– USB 3.0 support
– Easy cable management

– A third fan would have been nice

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