SilverStone’s ECM23 Allows You To Slot-in M.2 Drives Like Cartridges

SilverStone just revealed a very interesting M.2 PCIe SSD riser in their ECM23. It honestly looks like a game cartridge from the 1908s as it allows you to “slot-in” your M.2 drive into one of your PCI-Express x16 slots.

SilverStone ECM23

While the riser has an x16 interface, you M.2 will work at x4 speeds. The main part of the ECM23 is a ~40 g heatsink that will keep your M.2 drive nice and cool. This is also an aluminum back plate as well.

SilverStone ECM23

Your chosen M.2 drive is installed on a small PCB and sandwiched between the heatsink and back plate. There are four link / activity LEDs on the top part of the heatsink. The whole thing measures 105 mm (W) x 11 mm (H) x 44 mm (D), no word yet on pricing.

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