SilverStone’s IceMyst AiO Cooler Features Stackable Fans for Motherboard Cooling

SilverStone had a very interesting a eye-catching all-in-one liquid cooler at their booth during Computex 2023. The cooler is the new IceMyst all-in-one solution that combines a liquid cooler pump housing with as many fans as you need for extra airflow around your CPU socket.

This design is definitely eye-catching and with our review of the Crucial T700 Gen5 solid state drive, we could see how you could need the extra cooling to keep a Gen5 NVMe SSD from overheating. These could also be used to keep memory and motherboard VRM temperatures in check.

SilverStone IceMyst Liquid CPU Cooler

SilverStone will be offering the IceMyst all-in-one liquid CPU coolers in radiator sizes ranging from 240mm to 420mm. The fans themselves will be sold as an optional add-on. These IMF 70 fans feature a stackable design and there really is no limit to how many fans you can stack on the pump housing. The only real limiting factor would be space in your system and motherboard PWM header power rating.

SilverStone IceMyst Liquid CPU Cooler

The fans themselves are 70mm and feature RGB lighting. With a handful of them installed it really makes for a great show.

Via Club386

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