Sit Back and Relax in Cooler Master’s New Gaming and Ergonomic Chairs

As we have seen many other companies do, Cooler Master has entered into both the gaming, and ergonomic chair space with four new chairs. While visiting the Cooler Master suite at CES 2020, we were shown the full quartet of chairs, which ranges from the entry level Caliber R1 to the top-end X1 on the gaming side of things, and the Ergo L on the ergonomic side.

Caliber R Series

Caliber R1 & R2

Caliber R1

The Caliber R1 is Cooler Master’s “everyday use” gaming chair that starts off their lineup, and comes in at a very reasonable $219 MSRP. If you have looked at other gaming chairs, you will see that the Caliber R1 offers many of the same features found on entry-level chairs. Things like a reclining backrest, simple 1D armrests, and plastic base. Both head and lumbar pillows are also included for additional padding options. The R1 will be available in multiple color options, including Purple, Red, Blue, and White.

Caliber R2

Next up is the Caliber R2, which improves upon the lineup with a few additional features. First, the armrests have been upgraded to 2D units, offering a bit more customization to the chair. Additionally, the molded foam padding has been expanded for extra comfort and support, and the metal base adds a bit more strength to the chair’s base. An ergonomic pillow is also included, as is a lumbar pillow. The R2 will only be available in a purple color scheme, and will sell for an MSRP of $299.

Caliber X1

The larger Caliber X1 tops off Cooler Master’s gaming chair lineup, and the thicker metal frame makes this chair ideal for those wanting a sturdy gaming throne. Adding to the strength of the X1 is a polished aluminum base and large, 75mm wheels. The 4D armrests offer much more customization than the other Caliber-series chairs, and the attached drink holder gives you a safe place to keep your beverage of choice. The Caliber X1 will be available for $349.

Caliber X1

Ergo L

Last, but not least, is the Ergo L, a chair from the Cooler Master ergonomic series. The first thing you will notice with the Ergo L is that this does not look like the gaming chairs that we have become accustomed to, but more like an office chair with good support for long sitting sessions. The Ergo L was designed with comfort and cooling in mind, and you can definitely tell that that is the case with the mesh seat and backrest. A cast aluminum frame extends to the arm rests and down to the base of the chair, offering both stability and style. 3D armrests are present, as is a 3D headrest, and the seat even has adjustable depth. Expect the Ergo L to be available for $599.

Ergo L