“Smart” furniture and what you should know about it

Given the current trend towards a decrease in living space, there is a need to acquire appropriate furniture. Moreover, as many modern buildings are built to include a larger number of flats, the narrow dimensions make the owners face the daunting task of arranging all the necessary things for a comfortable life.

The usual pieces of furniture can no longer cope with such problems, therefore, it is time to think about “smart” models, which can combine several functions at the same time.

All the pros and cons of smart furniture

The owners of small apartments never stop fighting for free space. There are so few square inches, and quite a lot to fit in. We’d bet that any such owner, without exception, would want this to happen without compromising comfort and violating aesthetics.

Thanks to modern developments in the markets of the world and our country, “smart” furniture is now quite available, combining the functions of several zones at once, necessary for a comfortable stay. Some pieces of furniture can even turn into a fairly compact object, which makes it easy to hang, for example, several chairs on one nail, turn a table into a compact cabinet or molding on the wall.

But if the advantages of the latter option are obvious and indisputable, some may argue about the advantages of multifunctional furniture. When decorating a tiny apartment of a bachelor who is unlikely to change anything in his life, or a nursery for one child with models of “smart” furniture, of course you’d see only the advantages!

But if at least two people live under one roof, some options may indeed have significant drawbacks. This is especially true for recreational and work areas. Very often, you can see beautiful compact models of a multifunctional wardrobe, in which a bed and a desk are hidden. If such furniture is used by one person, everything turns out quite logically: when you sleep, the table is not needed at all and vice versa.

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But the joy of saving space immediately disappears when one needs to work, and the other wants to sleep. Such situations arise all the time, when several household members are forced to use multifunctional furniture at once. There is one more disadvantage – the cost of “smart” furniture. One has to pay for comfort and coziness in their home.

All in all, it should be borne in mind that buying 2-3 standard pieces of furniture will cost a little more than one transforming sofa (from nyfurnitureoutlets.com, for example). At the same time, do not forget that there may not be enough space for the location of all these items.

Now that we’ve got everything clear with the pros and cons, let’s see what smart furniture should you pay attention to in the first place.

  1. Folding chairs / stools

Let’s start our acquaintance with “smart” furniture with some chairs. They represent the pieces of furniture that are always used, especially if one needs some additional units in case of a large feast. In this case, folding chairs come to the rescue. They can be hidden at any time and free up space for maneuvers (and then be taken out during a party).

  1. “Smart” kitchen furniture

No matter how tiny the flat, you can’t do without a kitchen. Even if it is a small studio, you can easily equip a full-fledged kitchen corner, if you know where to acquire some smart furniture.

In addition to the already familiar folding, side and other dining tables, there are many models of kitchen sets with an equipped working area, a cooking area, storage and washing systems. Their size starts from a full-fledged wardrobe and ends with small pedestals. And the most interesting thing is that such models look equally good in a small apartment, in a mansion, and even in an office.

  1. Comfortable workplace

Not only children and big leaders need an office in an apartment. Modern realities allow many to engage in freelance work, which means they all need to organize a workplace in their tiny flat and make it as invisible as possible. Smart offices are very convenient and practical, because, at the end of the work, you can simply close them and move freely, without stumbling over the chair and constantly bumping your eyes into the creative mess on the table.

A convertible office that can be disassembled / pushed away during operation can be a fairly convenient option. The rest of the time, it will serve as a modern piece of furniture for storing books or a TV stand.

There are also models of transformer pedestals that will help not only organize a desktop, but also a sleeping place. Thanks to such “smart” furniture, you can free up some usable space for other activities.

  1. Multifunctional furniture corner for the living room

Multifunctional furniture sets have proven themselves well in interior design. Their advantages are obvious and quite acceptable for organizing several zones at once, in one space. For example, if a family lives in a flat, such models can be used in case of the arrival of guests, so that they can be provided with a comfortable sleeping place.

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  1. Original ways to hide the bed in a bedroom

If you are lucky enough to allocate a whole room in your flat for a separate bedroom, free space is always more than welcome. Moreover, the bed is a rather bulky object. Thanks to the “smart” functions of some furniture designs, you can even hide more than one bed.

Often, multifunctional systems are installed in children’s rooms, especially if the family has two or more children, because they need not only to get enough sleep, but also a place for games.

For the most part, such smart beds are simply hidden in the closet or replaced with transforming sofas.

  1. Multifunctional furniture modules + “smart” systems

To further simplify the life of a modern person, designers, together with specialists from different fields of science, learned how to create truly smart furniture. Now, you don’t have to push, lift or pull out any piece of furniture with your own hands – you just have to press a button on the remote control or use your smartphone to fold or unfold the sofa or bed.

In the same way, you can unfold a table, multimedia system, lower a shelf and so on. And the module itself can move around the room, freeing up one half of the space for maneuvers, then the other.

As a rule, with such controlled systems, furniture blocks are made with a set of several functions, ranging from storage systems for a dressing room and ending with a kitchen, dining room and bedroom.

Naturally, this joint miracle of modern technology and the furniture industry costs unimaginable money, but, after  purchasing such a module, you will no longer worry about anything – the comfort and complete arrangement of the flat will be provided at the highest level!