Social Media And SEO Trends You Must Know

If you feel behind the time a little bit when it comes to social media and SEO, I may not blame you. We read the daily news, adjust your clients and company and strategies daily and feel behind. The reason is that trends never remain the same for a long time; you always need to know of new emerging trends to meet the marketing challenges for your enterprise.

Here, I would like to tell you about some important trends of SEO and social media you should know.

Real time engagement and live video
Presently, video contents are on the rise in significance and popularity. Users have the fastest internet connection in their mobiles and written contents flood over the internet has left people hungry for something engaging visually. Beyond that, contents are also getting popularity in the social realm as it is all because of constant experiences and communication.

Digital assistants
Digital assistance such as Cortana and Siri has been growing steadily in sophistication and adoption for users for many years. Google home and Amazon Alex are two instances of how search voice in gaining significance in your routine life. What does this mean? It means focusing less on short, a higher focus on conversion, long tail keywords and searches colloquial types. You have to adapt the contents of a website accordingly.

Social content popularity
There are a lot of contents on social media from advertisement, users and brands alike but the features like instant articles of Facebook are emerging, we can view new types of social media content. There is an increase demands on product brands to place contents through social media channels that you may imagine for traditional SEO. One really great resource is, which can really keep you up to date on the latest trends.

Social commerce
Pinterest buyable pins are the first social commerce true hybrid features crossing the limit beyond social media advertisement to form a new online experience. You must say thanks to social commerce websites; they have planned an important role to promote your business within.

Rich answers
The rich answers from Google side are helpful of getting snippets of info you get for different queries. This trend is rising rapidly in prevalence. However, it is also threatening because internet users have highly visible answers for different queries that may lead them to your website. However, Google relies on information. You should make use of content targeting and use structured markup on your website to exploit and get visibility for queries relevant to your product or a service.

General contents are not enough for users and not for much longer. Presently average user needs valid information with controllable newsfeeds and updates on search results and social media based on the location, search history and some other factors based on internet user requirements.

These trends do not require a complete service to your SEO strategy, but they give you some good ideas of how to adjust your marketing campaign in coming days. You should redistribute your planned budget to favour effective tactics and increase your budget for promotion. As a good Digital marketing firm, we always recommend something unique and valuable to our customers so that they may have a visible brand identity in the eyes of their audience online.

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