Software to Help Avoid the Licensing Audit

In today’s tech industries, statistics show that around 30 percent of company software doesn’t get used. This boils down to about $250 in unused software per computer. That wasted money adds up very quickly depending on how many computers your company has and what your margins are. Regardless of how much money your company brings in, nobody wants to spend thousands of unnecessary dollars per year on the software they are not using. This is where using a software asset management program comes in. While software asset management programs help you manage all your software in one place including the cost, purchase date, and expiration date, arguably one of the most important parts of these programs is the software licensing management portion of the product.

Software licenses are very specific and are most commonly found as a per device, per user, network, subscription, cloud-based credits subscription, client access licenses or freeware licenses. These different types all come with their own rules and regulations that can be tricky to keep track of by just one person. If these licenses are not followed to their exact rules, the company that owns the software can audit your company as you are breaking the contract. This is a very long, arduous, and expensive process that costs your company time, money, and reputation. Total Network Inventory’s software licensing management makes it easy to guarantee your company is following all the terms of legal agreement in each and every one of your company’s software programs.

Total Network Inventory’s License Management Software works much like any other License Management Software but has distinct features that are easy to use and can save your company time and money by preventing any potential audits. This helpful tool works by first discovering Microsoft licenses in your system. Once it has discovered these licenses, it can create and keep up an inventory of all of them. Then, once it has a database of these licenses, it can create license entitlements to ensure you stay in compliance with these licenses. This database includes information such as when you purchased the software, when it expires, any associated costs, as well as invoices all in one location.

This system works by scanning your whole network while running on just one computer within that network. Total Network Inventory only has to run on one main computer but can access all the other computers in your network by using either a local or domain administrator password. This allows for a streamlined system rather than having to run it on every computer.  In addition, it has the option to run your own personal audits by using its scheduler. This allows you to run audits outside of normal business hours. This is an important tool because that means there will be no complications with your network or irritating shutdowns while people are trying to conduct their regular business. In addition, Total Network Inventory’s Licence Management Software can create compliance reports that can be printed, shared or exported which allow your company to all be on the same page and work together to maintain full compliance to all of your software license agreements and avoid those pesky, expensive audits.

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