Solid State Drive Price War Coming?

The consumer solid state drive market could see a price war coming with leading manufacturers ramping up production according to industry sources. NAND flash supplier Micron has reportedly reduced sales of its flash chips to other companies in order to support its own Crucial branded solid state drives.


Crucial aims to double its SSD shipments quarter on quarter. Kingston has also ramped up its SSD shipments to 600,000 units a month and is competing agressively with SanDisk and Samsung for the number one vendor ranking in the segment, according to sources.

SSD makers will more than likely take advantage of the new M.2 standard in the consumer space. M.2 was introduced with Intel’s 9-series chipset and offers 10 Gb/s of interface bandwidth (hysical layer PCI-Express 2.0 x2). M.2 slots also feature SATA 6GB/s wiring in some onboard implementations, which could pave the way for M.2 replacing 2.5-inch SSDs as the most popular SSD form factor.

Source: DigiTimes | News Archive

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