Some of the problems commonly encountered in essay writing

Essays are a challenge that covers many aspects; thesis statements, quotes and the use of language structures. The process of essay writing is often regarded as something that is frightening for most students. Actually, all of this starts from a basic notion of an inappropriate essay. Many students consider that when they write an essay they will start a very long writing process and if that does not work, they have to go through a revision process that can drain their time and patience.

Problems in essay writing often lead to confusion, lack of supporting data, unintentional plagiarism potential, false quotations and so on. They have to go through it all before they can find themselves in the right track. This article was created to help the students to overcome the confusions when they started to make an essay.

Identify the purpose of the essay

Identifying the purpose of the essay is the first step to map how the essay writing process will take place. This step can save time because this can lead the writer to concentrate only on the data that is really needed and avoid the mistakes of perception and also the unintentional extension of the topic. By identifying the purpose of the essay first, each writer can censor their mind in searching for the best ideas for the essay.

A proper thesis statement

Essentially, the essay statement is a sentence usually located at the end of the first paragraph. Some authors place it at the end of the second paragraph. A statement of essays is needed to construct and create the best placement patterns for the ideas that are needed. There is a good tactic that is often practiced by students in Sweden, namely preparing an essay statement before they begin the next steps. They get used to making essay statements first and then show it to their mentor teacher for the best advice. This tactic can be used by any student who has difficulty writing essays. This is the process of evaluating the entire essay to be made, whether it is really possible to do according to expectations or not.

Advice from third person

Essay writing is academic writing that requires the advice of a third person. Its function is to make sure the essay is made as objective as possible without leaving the default format. Some students find it difficult to eliminate the use of everyday language and slang. They need to be accustomed to using formal languages ​​and for that, they need advice from third people who are able to evaluate whether an essay goes according to the recommended standard format. Some experts suggest that using a good essay service can help them in understanding the use of standard format.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is the main reason why many students find it difficult to start their essay. They often spend a lot of time before actually writing. It is important to realize that nothing is perfect and every student can only minimize mistakes. They may not be able to eliminate all mistakes but can not everyone make mistakes? If you are in the same situation, expressing an inconvenience to your mentor teacher can help boost your confidence. Confidence is the basic capital in writing.

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