Sony Offers Troubleshooting Tips for PS4 Pulsing Blue Light Error

By this time all of us might have been pretty aware of the error on the PlayStation 4. Soon after release, users started complaining about the error which stopped their consoles from showing any display and this happened after the console had displayed a blue light which is supposed to go white after it has turned on. Sony was looking into the problem and now it has thrown in a couple of troubleshooting tips which they expect will provide a fix for this error which has now rightly be tagged as the PlayStation 4 pulsing blue light error or the blue light death.


Where many users ended up with this problem after hours of continued use, there were some who didn’t even get to enjoy a single game on their console which they so excitedly bought because theirs was not functional since the beginning. These troubleshooting tips have only been rolled out for a little comfort to the disturbed and angered owners of the console and these tips might just keep customers thinking that Sony is working on the fix. It has been seen that the tips are nothing technical or particular and they only constitute of the usual usage precautions and setup checks. Few suggestions by Sony include updating firmware on the television sets, checking and ensuring that all cables are intact, restarting the entire setup and giving it a start again. These are all the things which everyone must have tried already but one tip which most likely wouldn’t have been tried by many is the directions on how to reboot the console and check if hard drive is properly in place.


The early buyers were complaining about a little dent in their HDMI cables and it became obvious that this was the reason why the consoles weren’t able to put up displays but the news from recent reports have revealed that this is not the cause for the faulty console. The new HDMI cables look absolutely fine but still the consoles are not showing any display. Whatever it is, we just hope Sony puts its finger on it soon.

Source: PlayStation 4 Message Board | News Archive