Sony Opens Up and Disassembles their Xperia Z Tablet

If there is one thing I think I would never try and do it would be opening up or disassembling a tablet. If I would open one up I most likely would never get it back together correctly. Sony on the other hand though it would be a good idea to tear open their brand new Xperia Z tablet. Any tablet would be hard to open up but the Xperia Z is the world’s thinnest 10.1-inch tablet so it is really quite astonishing that Sony decided to open it up and break it down. Check out the YouTube video below.

Pretty interesting break down and I’m actually surprised they did it so easily. It is quite cool to see the inside of a tablet, especially one as thin as the Xperia Z. In the video we can see that the inner lining of the tablet is made of carbon fiber, pretty nifty!

xperiaz teardown

In Sony’s blog post they said, “Being the gadget geeks we are, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to open it up for a peek at the insides. Check out the video below to see what makes this baby run. Spoiler alert: Lots of techie eye candy ahead…”.

Source: Sony | News Archive

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