Sony PS5 will play all PS4 games without any verification needed from Sony, says rumor about PS5 backward compatibility

Backward compatibility is a big deal when it comes to gaming consoles and a great selling point. There has been a certain air of mystery around the backward compatibility for next-generation consoles, but a rumor now has claimed that the Sony PlayStation 5 might get no-nonsense backward compatibility with PS4 games.

The rumor came from streamer Lance McDonald, who gave some information about PS5 backward compatibility in a now-deleted tweet. Here’s the text of the original tweet:

“There’s been some confusion about this in the past and I can clear it up now. The PlayStation 5 can run all PlayStation 4 games without per-game whitelisting. Sony continue[s] to test titles but the system will not prevent you from launching untested games.“

McDonald took the tweet down, citing “out of respect for the platform holder”. This is a rumor for now, but we might get a confirmation soon about PS5 backward compatibility since the news is out there now anyway.

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Via Wccftech

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