Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise and Pocket Kick Arrive In 2014

The Freaqs are back in town! At CES 2014 Soundfreaq has unveiled the Pocket Kick and Sound Rise. Both of these products are bluetooth speakers that are a bit Freaq’d out. Pocket Kick’s goal is ultra-portability, and Sound Rise is aiming to get you out of bed.

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

Pocket Kick has a hefty list of features for such a small device, bluetooth support, built-in microphone, 10 hour battery life, 3.5mm auxiliary input, and lanyard for easy carrying. Pocket Kick features independent drivers that face slightly outwards to ensure you get the full stereo effect in a small package.

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick - 3.5mm Aux Port

And for anyone who’s worried about bass, Pocket Kick’s back has a radiator that allows low frequencies to effectively be kicked out. While Pocket Kick can easily slide in your pocket, it’s long battery life and easy portability, make it really useful for people riding bicycles, skateboards, or even roller skates. Expect to see Pocket Kick appearing in stores late Spring 2014 at a price point of $99.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Front

Sound Rise is a sleek alarm clark that is built tall instead of wide to preserve your nightstand’s precious space. It can function the same as any other alarm clock, but it also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Like it’s little cousin, Pocket Kick, Sound Rise has bluetooth support, but it also has a USB charging port, and an adjustable display that ranges from super bright to blackout.


If the display is in blackout, it’ll be off the entire night until the alarm goes off, allowing you to see the time when you need it and not bothering you with unnecessary ambient light when you don’t. Sound Rise will be available in all black, or white and wood starting in April 2014 for $69.



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