Speed Pak Tracking- The three levels of services

There are numerous brands that provide tracking services. What criteria do you use to select the best service for your company? This answer will never be conclusive, but you can use the internet to research the finest possibilities.

speedpak tracking among others, has proven its worth in the market. With the world’s most powerful network, Speed Pak tracking can track any parcel you’ve sent through this courier in real time with simply a tracking number. Initially limited to the United States, speedpak tracking has since expanded to include Israel, Canada, Germany, Spain, and other European countries, providing all of its standardised characteristics of logistics transport in all the countries.

Speedpak tracking has to offer three levels of services. Just like any other service provider, there are different rates for each type of service hence we will be discussing a few of the perks the users get according to the service they opt for.

The three levels of service are

  • Speedpak standard service
  • Speedpak economy service
  • Speedpak express service

▪ Standard Service

Since Speedpak has expanded into the United States and the European Union, we will be addressing both regions’ elements. The regular service has a 32kg package weight limit and a transit time of 8 to 12 working days. This is Speed Pak’s maximum time limit; it can sometimes be as little as 8 days. One of its benefits is the ability to track the parcel throughout its journey, whereas in Economy, the user may only track the parcel in the country of delivery.

Speed pak tracking offers goods to be delivered to Australia and Canada as well, with the weight limit of about 30-32 kgs depending on the dimensions of the parcel. End-to-End tracking is provided in all of its regions and delivery time is also similar.

▪ Economy Service

With the economy package, it currently serves nearly 47 countries. Because it is very basic, the package’s weight restriction is 2 kilograms, and delivery times are not guaranteed. It all depends on the location, and the package must be delivered within a minimum of 12 days. According to customer feedback, this service is best suited for delivering items from China. Nevertheless, this service is very popular for being very affordable and convenient at the same time.

▪ Express Service

This is the premium package. Usually for customers who want their package to be delivered urgently. It is more expensive than the rest of the packages but offers a lot of different features. The weight limit is more than 32kilograms and the delivery times are less than 9 working days too. Customers have the option to customize their service according to their requirements. They get the best possible treatment in every aspect of the transaction.

The tracking number formats are often different for different types of services acquired. Economy services start with EE+ then the rest of the 26 digits similarly for standard services the tracking number starts with ES and then the rest of the digits.

●    Why is speedpak better than the rest?

Speedpak not only provides a transparent transportation system, but it also allows customers to customize their packages to meet their specific demands. Many consumers want to know about the flight that will transport their cargo, if it has been cleared by customs, and when it will arrive in the country. All of these requests are met by Speedpak, and the customers’ expectations are addressed in a timely manner.

Its customer support staff is also available 24/7 for immediate response. Speedpak is a client-oriented company so be sure that the safe passage of goods is guaranteed.