Star Wars Battlefront Seen for First Time

EA’s upcoming remake or second addition if you will of the popular 2004 game of the same title has finally been seen for the first time. In fact an actual screenshot has been posted on the official site. It’s likely a teaser to get fans excited for another first, which is the release of our first look at actual gameplay. This in game video is scheduled to be released 04/17/2015 at 6:30pm in the UK. Subscribing to EA StarWars on YouTube will get you the fastest access to the footage.

StarWars Battlefront

1080p Link

The screenshot depicts a stormtrooper piloting a speeder through a heavily wooded forest and looks great. The details are all there, textures are complex, shadows and reflections seem accurate, and the sun rays lighting the scene create a very realistic morning mist look and feel. Very exciting times for fans of the Star Wars franchise!

UPDATE: EA has just released the trailer for the game! Check it out below!

Source: | News Archive