Stay Cool With Waterproof Tech

Everyone loves summer, it’s a time to lay about the pool on your day off, or kick it into party mode with friends by splashing about and letting go over the weekends.

Modern technology is advanced and with wearables coming to the fore there are some exciting changes in the offing. But not all modern tech today will stop water damage. One drop could mean an entire short circuit and your brand new kit is all of a sudden worth less than the packaging it came wrapped in.

These nifty gadgets are perfect for parties by the pool. The following waterproof tech gadgets will keep the party going and your summer cool all season long.

Blast Through Water

Everyone loves a perfect pitch; combine a speaker with the sun and you have a fully-fledged party situation ready for the long haul.

The JBL Charge 3 will empower your summer all season long. Boasting Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof tech infused sound; you can literally submerge this speaker in water and it will continue to pump the jams.

It’s A New Stroke

Swimming is traditionally a soul quenching sport that enforces a comfortable sense of individual performance throughout each lap. It tests your spirit with each kick from the wall, but now you can kick to the beat and create a completely new stroke of your own.

The Swimbuds make listening to music whilst swimming possible. Featuring a collection of ear-tips that fit a host of various ear types, the Swimbuds go where no earphones have gone before; underwater.

The Swimbuds act as a dual device, praised for their snug fit the ear buds double up as earplugs, perfect for swimmers who get water in their ears. Use the short chord for close range music devices or jack into the extended chord for more slack on your music player.

Keep Your Mobile Safe

There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone and only to pick up your device and find that you have a cracked screen. No one likes playing the mobile slots Canada has to offer through a glass web, or reading emails through a maze of splinters. What is even more demoralizing than the cracked screen as you pick the device up and hang on a prayer for an undamaged display, is dropping your phone in water.

New age smart tech is complicated, riddled with microchips and complex wiring, your mobile device is almost guaranteed a slow death in a puddle of water. There is hope on the horizon and it comes in the form of the Lifeproof’s FRE mobile case.

The Lifeproof FRE mobile case has the ability to protect your phone for up to an hour in water six feet deep. It’s a brilliant investment, especially if you’re into watersports.

Compliment Any Workout

Music players are a dime a dozen, for the most part they all pretty much do the same thing. Storing MP3 and MP4 content and then relating that content to the user via earphones. They’ve revolutionized the sports world and given hipsters even more of a reason to get bigger and bolder headphones.

The best use for a music player is to take it with you and tackle the tar or pool. Like the Swimbuds the waterproof iPod Shuffle allows users to jump into water and take their favourite tunes with them while they workout.

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