Streacom Announces Unique F12C Chassis

Streacom has just announced a new case in their F12C. It is their first case that has been designed to fit all standard ATX hardware. This case is quite unique inside and out. The ultra-minimalist exterior is made from 4mm thick premium grade extruded aluminium panels which are sandblast finished to create this simple but timeless design.

Streacom F12C Case

The unique design isn’t just skin deep, they have developed a new drive and fan mounting system that does away with traditional fixed location bays, making this case incredibly adaptable and configurable. Drives and fans can be mounted anywhere along both sides of the case and at virtually any orientation. This allows you to mix, match and perfectly position drives and fans for optimal cooling and hardware compatibility.

Streacom F12C Case

There is an additional upper mounting rail which is designed for fans and water cooling radiators, and combined with side panel venting, provides incredible amounts of cooling potential. Fan grills have been specially chosen to filter dust whilst maximizing airflow and can all be externally removed for easy cleaning.

Streacom F12C Case

The open internal structure and flexible design allows for oversized PSU’s, 310mm long expansion cards, and 140mm + 2x120mm water cooling whilst still maintaining a footprint of just 420x320x184mm, making it perfectly suited for the high end home entertainment system.

For other information and pictures check out the product page.

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