Suitable Technological Gifts Useful for College Students

Suitable Technological Gifts Useful for College Students

Most college students have a lot to handle in their day to day activities. They have to juggle from one task to another such as completing assignments, attending co-curriculum events as well a handle personal projects. All the same, there is now technology gadgets that can help you handle academic stuff at a higher pace than without them. The following devices can help you. Have a look.

Google Nest Hub

Google has introduced a new gadget known as a Nest Hub, which can help you in many ways. It has inbuilt stereo audio speakers that can assist you in setting alarms and never miss an appointment. You can as well, seek Google assistance on different issues by asking questions when stacking, such as how to write academic proposals and get several results. The gadget has a 10-inch screen wide.

Also, the tool provides supports for many different services. It can help you in reading articles, journals, tutorials and even view pictures on a slideshow. You can use it to check the dorm room because it is enabled to operate as a home security cam. It provides like checks on the cam live feeds directly to your phone.

Anker Nebula Capsule

As a student, you always operate on a tight budget, and you frequently check you’re spending. Therefore, this gadget is best for you if you want to control your spending habits and maintain the right track. It can also change your room to a kind of mini-theatre that projects 100 inch 3D video contents on a white wall. It simply runs using a battery. As a result, you do not have to carry cables whenever you watch. There is also a compact factor that enables you to take it anywhere you want to go. It can also be used to play videos and moves on the projectors Android interface, phone or even connect it to a laptop. It supports the chrome cast by allowing the streaming of essay help tutorial videos through wireless connections.

Samsung T5 SSD

As a student, you spend most hours in lecturers, working on projects and writing notes. The gadget helps in saving them without clogging your computer or laptop’s storage. It offers you a 1TB storage capacity. So, you can read through it and write to a speed of even 550mb/s.

The portable drive does not take much of your space. You can protect your data from unauthorized access by using a password. It has a USB-C to C and a USB- C to A cables, which are to be used for connections and you don’t have to buy any third-party cables. You can get it in different storage capacities like 500GB and a 2TB variation. They are in four colors.

SkyGrand Smart Watch

Do you experience challenges in waking up early for lecturers? Well, the watch not only tells you time but also monitors sleep. It can check the heart rate and track your activity level. With a suitable smartwatch, you can also do the following:

  • Comfortably check your SMS messages
  • See phone calls
  • Set time reminders for different things, such as assignment deadlines, lecture reschedules, and upcoming events

This is a perfect option.

Rocket Book Smart Notebook

There have been frequent debates between handwriting and typing your notes as a student in lecture rooms. Well, you may want to use a smart notebook for easy notes taking during lectures. The good thing is, you can do both with it. During the writing of your notes, the gadget is designed to transfer it to the reusable notes pages. It can easily be shared on a cloud program like Google drive, Dropbox, etc. It is also environmentally friendly because you can litter book pages. Additionally, your notes will be organized and neat.

HP Envy 5055 Portable Printer

At times as a student, you are caught up and happen to have less time to take notes. The HP Envy printer is suitable for printing many papers. Although you may have printers in your school library, which the entire school is using, you might get late to meet deadlines. You can avoid the long queue by getting yourself a portable printer. You will be printing comfortably at your dorm.

The printer is a wireless cloud-based compatible. Therefore, you can get hard copies of your previous projects at any place. It can be connected to different devices such as Alexa. It is slender and, therefore, takes little space.

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