Super Talent Luxio 64GB Flash Drive Review

I was a little disappointed with some of the design of the Luxio. Considering it’s high price ranging anywhere between $150-$200 online I would think that Super Talent would take a little more time to invest in the usage of this drive. While some of the options would seem almost standard on a flash drive now-a-days the Luxio lacks some basic qualities of USB drive enhancements. I guess this drive is more geared towards looks and high capacity than usage, which is probably why it’s a “Luxury” drive. Despite its minor flaws I still think the drive is great for someone looking for this amount of storage. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Super Talent Luxio 64GB Flash Drive an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– High Capacity – 64GB
– So large, could be used as another hard drive
– Luxury Drive
– Built in Encryption Software
– ReadyBoost ready
– Leather carrying case included

– Cap hard to remove
– Lacks some basic USB drive advancements
– Leaves fingerprints easily
– Expensive