Swiftech Unveils MCP655-PWM Drive and Announces FrozenCPU Partnership

Swiftech unveiled today an OEM version of the award winning MCP655 pump motor, named the MCP655-PWM DRIVE; the motor differentiates itself from previous versions by featuring PWM speed control. The offering includes the pump motor, the impeller and a fastening collet, but does not include an impeller housing which is the part of a pump featuring the impeller cavity with inlet and outlet ports, and plays an important role in its performance characteristics; this product is in effect specifically intended for integration with after-market housings or reservoirs produced by third party manufacturers.

pump pump 2

Concurrently to this release, the company announced that it had concluded an exclusive agreement for distribution of this product in the United States with leading reseller Frozen CPU.com. Under the agreement, FrozenCPU.com will assume retail and wholesale distribution, as well as warranty support for the product.

Frozen CPU has been asking us to make this solution available to them for the longest time. The MCP655 pump motor carries a well-deserved reputation for reliability, power, silence of operations, and the new PWM feature greatly enhances these capabilities by allowing fine-tuning and speed management via the computer bios and operating system; I am both impressed and excited by Frozen CPU plans for this new distribution endeavor, their commitment to providing warranty support, and I look forward to helping them in accomplishing their goals, said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s Chairman and CEO.

You can pick up this pump exclusively at FrozenCPU.com.

Source: Swiftech | News Archive