Synology Launches DS710+ First Scalable 2-bay NAS Server

Redmond, Washington—February 12th, 2010—Synology® America Corp. today launched a brand new addition to their two-bay DiskStation line. The DS710+, is a scalable 2-bay NAS server that grows from 2 bays to 7 bays and effortlessly solves storage and file management problems while delivering flexibility, high-performance, and business rich features for small and medium businesses.

With the new DiskStation DS710+, one device can affordably replace multiple other pieces of hardware on the network. The DS710+ is scalable up to 7 bays with the DX510 expansion enclosure for a total of 14TB of storage. With built-in file sharing, automatic backup, remote access, web hosting, email hosting and media streaming, the DS710+ is an affordable central data hub for small business that is easy to scale.

“Companies are looking for affordable solutions to manage their data that will be flexible as their business grows and that is affordable right now to integrate into existing IT structures,” says Doug Self, product specialist at Synology America Corp. ”The new DS710+ is also remarkably fast,” says Self. “In Synology’s lab, under RAID 1 configuration in a Windows environment, the reading speed of Synology DS710+ reached 110+ MB/sec while writing 100+ MB/sec which makes the DS710+ a great solution for demanding business users,” adds Self.

The Synology DS710+ is equipped with the new Intel® Atom™ D410 CPU, one Gigabit LAN ports, 3 USB ports and 1 GB DDRII RAM. The engineering excellence of the DS710+ offers green features such as lower power consumption, wake on LAN, scheduled power off and hard drive hibernation to ensure optimal energy conservation.

“Today’s small business environments require network attached storage solutions that support multiple clients and protect data while reducing operational costs”, said Seth Bobroff, general manager, Intel Data Center Group, Storage. “The Intel® Atom™ processor D410 with integrated storage features within Synology’s solution delivers an energy efficient and cost-effective platform that helps manage networked data.”

The DS710+ comes with the award-winning Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) 2.2 with robust features and applications for business use. The new Synology DSM 2.3 is scheduled for official release in March 2009. DSM 2.3 includes new features such as Volume Manager, Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) which optimizes the use of disk capacity with data protection when using hard drives of different sizes are used, share level encryption and backup to the cloud with Amazon S3® service.

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DiskStation DS710+ Diskless will be shipping in US & Canada end of February

DiskStation DS710+ 2100 will be shipping in US end of February

About Synology

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