Synology RT2600ac Router Review

Final Thoughts
The RT2600ac is only Synology’s second entry into the router market and it is a very good one. They have refined the RT1900ac and backed the RT2600ac with better hardware. It had great overall performance in our testing and if you plan on using it as just a plain old router or wireless access point it is going to get the job done. By no means is it the fastest router out there, but its speeds will suffice for most people.

The place where the RT2600ac really shines is the software that it runs on. The Synology SRM software is in my opinion the best router management software out there. Not only is it extremely easy to use it is very snappy and does not lag at all. You can easily find all of your settings and there is even a search function if you can’t find anything. SRM also allows your to download packages (or apps) that add even more functionality to your router, making it even more than just a normal router. There are plenty of storage options on the RT2600ac as well, you have two USB ports as well as a SD card reader.

I like that the WPS button is easily accessible and that there is a WiFi on/off switch. The only real issue I have with the RT2600ac is that the rear feet are built into the chassis and cannot be removed. This means that you will not be able to mount the unit to a wall.

At the end of the day you are getting a great router with the RT2600ac and one that runs the best router management software out there. Right now you can pick it up at our favorite online retailer for $239.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Synology RT2600ac Router a 9 out of 10 score.

– Good overall performance
– SRM software is the best out there
– Easy to setup & configure
– Two USB ports and SD card slot
– WiFi on/off button

– Legs make it impossible to mount to a wall

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