Tablo – Live And Recorded TV On All Devices

Cable and satellite companies are currently offering whole-home solutions. But what if you don’t have cable or satellite, how do you get the same experience? Enter Tablo. Tablo is a neat little box that receives free Over The Air (OTA) TV transmissions, relays data over your existing home network, and is accessible from pretty much any device you own.

Tablo Two Tuner And External Hard Drive

Tablo is not just a 2 Tuner OTA receiver, it streams live TV over the network, and is a whole-home DVR. Recording is easy, just hook up an external hard drive, pick a show from the guide, and you’re all set. Tablo has created a fully interactive guide that rivals, if not surpasses, guide implementations from much larger competitors. You can view information about a TV show that is currently airing, see the shows you’ve recorded, and set one episode or an entire season of a show to record. The guide has native apps for iOS and Android, with an HTML5 version for all other devices. What’s even better is Tablo can integrate with devices that you currently have hooked up to your TV, such as an AppleTV, Roku, or Chromecast.

Tablo DVR Guide iPad

Tablo will stream live and recorded TV anywhere in your house starting in February 2014 for $219.


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