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Raidmax RX-1000AE Power Supply
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Raidmax RX-1000AE 1000W Power Supply Review

We mainly know Raidmax for their cases, but they also make power supplies. When talking about power supplies many people go for the highest wattage possible, but many people will never use that wattage in a 1200W+ unit. 1000W units are perfect for systems with multiple graphics cards and other demanding components. The RX-1000AE from Raidmax is a 1000W unit that is semi-modular, has an 80PLUS Gold certification, and a silent 135 mm cooling fan. What’s even better is that this unit is currently selling for around $150. Not bad for a 1000W unit with these features, but will the RX-1000AE make it through our tests? Read on as we find out!

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OCZ Fatal1ty Series 1000W Power Supply Review

If you been around the gaming scene in the past 5 years or so you should know the name Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendal.  Known to many as the worlds first professional gamer he has created a gaming brand which its goal is to work with manufacturers to create the perfect components for your gaming system.  Today we are taking a look at Fatal1ty's take on a gaming power supply.  The OCZ Fatal1ty Series 1000W Power Supply features an 80PLUS Gold certification, individually sleeved modular cables, 140mm red LED cooling fan and a 5 year warranty.  Is this the next power supply for your gaming rig? Read on to find out!

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Unboxing the OCZ Fatal1ty Series 1000W Power Supply!

OCZ has teamed with professional gamer Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendal to create a line of power supplies perfect for gamers. The Fatal1ty series of power supplies currently has 3 offerings a 550W unit, a 750W unit and a 1000W unit. Today we are taking a look at the 1000W unit, which features an 80PLUS Gold certification, individually sleeved cables, a large 140mm cooling fan, 5 year warranty and much more! Read on to learn more about the power supply and to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W Power Supply Review

80PLUS Platinum is the highest efficiency rating available for 115V power supplies. Today we’ll be looking at one of the high wattage PSU’s with this certification, the Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W Power Supply. Its overall average is 91.27% efficiency, according to 80PLUS. Not only is it efficient, but affordable too. Read on further to find out more information.

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Unboxing the Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W Power Supply

Today we are unboxing a very powerful and efficient power supply. It is the Lazer Platinum 1000W Power Supply from Kingwin. As the name suggests this is an 80PLUS Platinum certified power supply. That means it will run at 92% efficient and 50% load and 89% efficient at 100% load. This power supply also features modular cables, which have the flat cable design and Kingwin's ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1000W Power Supply Review

ThinkComputers last reviewed a power supply unit from primarily cooling company Zalman in 2008, the <a href="">ZM850-HP</a>. Now, we have in our hands a much newer model building upon three years of innovation and standardization: the ZM1000-HP Plus. The ZM1000-HP Plus features a dual heatpipe cooling system, lots of connectors, modular cables, and 80PLUS Silver certification for efficiency. See how the unit measures up in this review.

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Kingwin Lazer Gold 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

Kingwin is a company we have not heard much from in the past year.  Recently they have released a new series of power supplies called the Lazer Gold Series.  These power supplies are available in 550W, 700W, 850W and 1000W sizes and are 80PLUS Gold certified meaning they will run at least 87% efficient between 20% and 100% load and 90% efficient at 50% load.  These power supplies also feature support for the latest processors and graphics cards, an active PFC, modular cables and a 140mm blue LED fan.  Today we will be taking a look at the 1000W version, let’s see if it performs up to our expectations.

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BFG EX Series 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

ThinkComputers liked BFG's 800W and 680W units reviewed several months ago. These non-modular units were well-received by the enthusiast community and retailers. BFG is back with the EX series, in 1000W and 1200W variations. The EX series features modular connectors, a lifetime warranty, and a technique for drastically improving efficiency called Frequency Conversion. ThinkComputers has the review.

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