LEPA Intros MX-F1 Series and MaxGold 1000W Power Supplies

LEPA has just introduced two new power supplies. The MX-F1 Series, which will cover the entry-level segment and they have added the MaxGold 1000W, which will cover the premium-class.

LEPA MX-F1 Series

The new MX-F1 series will be an upgrade for LEPA’s entry-level N Series power supplies. The MX-F1 series has a sort of racing-style appearance. From technical point of view, LEPA has particularly improved the efficiency of the bestseller series. The MX-F1 power supplies reach a peak efficiency of 87% at 230VAC. They therefore fulfill the requirements of the EU regulation 617/2013 for PC systems which will become effective from the 1st of July 2014. According to the tighten rules, computers need to achieve minimum 82% efficiency at 20% and 100% load, and 85% at 50% load to comply with the European CE certificate.

LEPA applies a proven PSU circuitry and quality components, so that the MX-F1 provides a good voltage regulation and a stable operation of performance-capable PC systems. A durable 12 cm fan with low-noise hydraulic bearing keeps the temperatures inside the power supply low. With just 140 mm depth, the MX-F1 also fits into compact multimedia PCs, mini-ITX or micro-ATX chassis.

The MX-F1 series from LEPA includes three models with 400, 500 and 600 watts. The 400 W version (N400-SB-EU) costs 34.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT), the MX-F1 500 W (N500-SB-EU) can be obtained for 39.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT), and the MX-F1 600 W (N600-SB-EU) comes at a price of 44.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).

LEPA MaxGold

LEPA’s premium-class power supply series MaxGold has been out for a little while now. It is comprised of 500, 600, 700 and 800W units. Now LEPA is adding the 1000W unit. The new MaxGold 1000 W fulfills the requirements of the international energy-saving standard 80 PLUS Gold and achieves a peak efficiency of 92%. The performance-capable DC-to-DC circuitry offers an optimal voltage regulation and guarantees a rock-stable system operation. The solid 12V rail delivers up to 996 watts, which are more than 99% of the total power output capability. That way, the G1000-MB is the first choice for overclocked PCs and multi-GPU systems. The new MaxGold model comes with numerous connectors for all possible configurations: six 8P PCI-E, twelve SATA and eight 4P molex connectors.

LEPA delivers the G1000-MB with the most convenient Q-Brick rubber frame. It effectively reduces vibrations and ensures best possible decoupling of the power supply. Depending on the individual taste, users can choose between an eye-catching red and a decent black Q-Brick frame.

The MaxGold 1000 W (G-1000-MB) is now available on sale and costs 159.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).

Source: LEPA | News Archive

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