Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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AMD A10-7800 Kaveri APU Benchmarked Against A10-6800K

Baidu Chinese forums have given some pretty interesting performance leaks on the APU where apparently one of the users managed to get hands on the final retail sample of chip which was compared against the A10-6800K and the result was some pretty interesting numbers.

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AMD A10-6800K Overclocked To 8.2 GHz, Sets World Record

A Finnish group of overclockers called "The Stilt" have scored a world record overclock using AMD's newest Richland architecture-based A10-6800K APU and ASUS's F2A85-V Pro motherboard. Back in June the same overclocking group managed to score 8000.48 MHz with a bus clock of 126.99 MHz applying 2.008 volts to the CPU. The new world record set by the same group is 8203.01 MHz with a bus clock of 126.99 MHz, multiplier set at 63x and susprisingly a lower voltage of 1.968 volts applied to the CPU.

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