AMD A10-6800K Richland APU Performance Unveiled

AMD’s new line of APU’s codenamed “Richland” are expected out in June, but as always there will be leaks. It looks like has got their hands on one of these APU’s and put it to the test to reveal its performance numbers. The new APU in question is the A10-6800K.

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AMD Richland A10-6800K Performance Unveiled

The A10-6800K is the flagship APU in the Richland series of APU’s. It’s core clock will be set at 4.1 GHz and the boost would go as high as 4.4 GHz. You will also get 4MB of L2 cache and a 100 W TDP range. The Radeon graphics would be the HD 8760D which has 384 shaders and a clock speed of 884 MHz. The A10-6800K will retail for $142.

While no comparison tests results were given we have included the test screenshots below. It looks like the CPU performance is much increased over the Trinity line of APU’s. Here are the results of the benchmarks.

3DMark 11 Performance: P1773
3DMark 11 Performance OC: P2221
Fritz Chess Benchmark: 7512 Kilonodes/s
AIDA 64 Cache and Memory: 12696/10331/18001/59.3ms (Read/Write/Copy/Latency)
CineBench R11.5: 3.70 Multi-Threaded

And the screenshots of the tests. (Click for larger images)










Expect full reviews out in June.

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