Fujitsu Refreshes E-Series Lifebooks

Even though the Haswell’s CPUs will be released on June 4, it gives us enough reasons to hold on from buying new ones. Regardless of this fact, some corporate buyers are always impatient to buy new PCs. To cater this market, Fujitsu has released new set of laptops supported by the Ivy Bridge and not by Haswell central processing units.

These include E733, E743 and E753, the classic slim designs measuring 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches respectively. They are being offered in silver and red design which is certainly a better look than what we saw last year.


The common formation includes a Core i5 quad core CPU with a clock speed of 2.6GHz plus a changeable memory space and hybrid hard drive of 500GB. The internal hardware of these notebooks is quite alike but on users decision the hard drive can be extended up to 16 GB of RAM, Core i7 and larger capacity of the hybrid hard disk for extra demanding work.

With its primary family concept, the upcoming series of Fujitsu notebooks offering the three versions is comparatively a cheaper investment on IT equipment. Since Lifebook E743 shares its AC adapter, port replicator or modular based elements with the other two versions. Their sleek design provides with maximum, portability and can fit in almost every suitcase. It has the feature of integrated smartcard reader which grants you the utility of advanced theft protection, optional finger print sensor and full disk encryption.

The Lifebook E line series offers features to wisely handle the corporate demands. LifeBook E743 possesses an extra added function of embedded 4G/LTE for high speed connectivity, with an option of second battery and second HDD.

This range of series will have a starting price of $999 which is an attractive amount for the consumers.

Source: Fujitsu | News Archive