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NVIDIA’s Max-Q Design Allows For GTX 1080-Powered Ultrabooks

Gaming Notebooks are anything but portable. For those looking for ultimate power in a laptop you end up with a desktop replacement that is huge, loud, and note all that easy to take with you. Well NVIDIA is planning to change that with their new Max-Q design, which they have announced at Computex.

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AMD Unveils Bristol Ridge APUs For Notebooks

AMD has just announced their 7th generation APU family, which is codenamed Bristol Ridge. Bristol Ridge is the next chapter in AMD's APU lineup which will bring with them improved performance, faster graphics cores, high efficiency, and new technologies such as DirectX 12. These new APUs are an update to the Carrizo APUs which have been available in the market since last year.

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NVIDIA Releases GeForce GTX 980 For Notebooks

NVIDIA has just released a reference board for a fully-featured GeForce GTX 980 GPU for the notebook platform. This new reference board is different from the GeForce GTX 980M which had launched last October. The 980M only featured 1536 of the 2048 CUDA cores that were on the GM204 silicon. The new GeForce GTX 980 for notebooks features all components present on the silicon and is made for larger desktop replacement notebooks.

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Fujitsu Refreshes E-Series Lifebooks

Even though the Haswell’s CPUs will be released on June 4, it gives us enough reasons to hold on from buying new ones. Regardless of this fact, some corporate buyers are always impatient to buy new PCs. To cater this market, Fujitsu has released new set of laptops supported by the Ivy Bridge and not by Haswell central processing units. These include E733, E743 and E753, the classic slim designs measuring 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches respectively. They are being offered in silver and red design which is certainly a better look than what we saw last year.

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Haswell Will Offer 50% More Battery Life in Laptops

I'm sure you have been hearing the reports about compatibility issues with Haswell desktop processors and certain power supplies. That is because Haswell processors have a new sleep state called C6 and C7. In these states the processor is nearly shut off, bringing down the power consumption. Intel's laptop processors in the Haswell will have the same feature as well as better power effeciency. Intel has said that Haswell processsors offer 50% more battery life in laptops than did their "Ivy Bridge" predecessors did.

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Intel Haswell Notebooks Expected by End of May

The launch of the much awaited Intel Haswell powered Notebooks is very near. DigiTimes has brought good news to many customers who were waiting to own an Intel Haswell powered Notebook after announcing that the Notebooks will be available in the market by the end of May. Users have been waiting for the Haswell powered Notebooks since a long time, and the fact that the laptops have already been shipped to retail outlets, assures them that they will be able to own one very soon.


CES 2011: AMD’s Fusion APUs

When it comes to netbooks and small form factor PC’s Intel really has taken over. The Atom chip really made things affordable and gave netbooks enough power to do basic tasks. At CES 2011 AMD announced its Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). These chips have a single die design with multi-core CPU technology, powerful DirectX 11 discrete level graphics and a dedicated high-definition video acceleration block. AMD sat down with us and discussed their new Fusion APU’s and what products we can expect to see with a Fusion APUs in them.

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