NVIDIA’s Max-Q Design Allows For GTX 1080-Powered Ultrabooks

Gaming Notebooks are anything but portable. For those looking for ultimate power in a laptop you end up with a desktop replacement that is huge, loud, and note all that easy to take with you. Well NVIDIA is planning to change that with their new Max-Q design, which they have announced at Computex.

nvidia max q

With Max-Q NVIDIA plans to optimize performance and make gaming laptops with a desktop-class GTX 1080 inside almost as thin as a standard Ultrabook. Each laptop with Max-Q technology has to be developed in partnership with NVIDIA in order to tune the performance. All laptops will be capable of running desktop-class GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060 graphics cards.

Max-Q is designed in such a way that it will recognize the point at which you are getting diminishing returns as you ramp up performance in a laptop. Max-Q will then target the optimal intersection of power and performance. NVIDIA says that the GTX 1080 in a Max-Q laptop will have about 90% of the performance and only half the power consumption of a desktop GTX 1080. That is about a 40 – 50 percent increase over current gaming laptops.

nvidia geforce gtx max q

NVIDIA is working closely with laptop manufacturers helping them implement thermal solutions based around the graphics card as well as high-efficiency energy regulators, and optimized video settings. As a result you are going to get laptops that are around 18 mm thick and have a fan noise of under 40 dB. This is very impressive as previous gaming latops would be around 40-50mm thick and sound like a jet taking off when you were gaming.

nvidia geforce gtx max q2

Current laptops announced with Max-Q technology include the Asus ROG Zephyrus which is 17.9 mm thick and has a GTX 1080 inside, the Clevo P950HR at 19 mm with a GTX 1070, and the MSI GS63 at 17.7 mm with a GTX 1070.

Max-Q technology seems pretty awesome, especially for gamers on the go.

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