In Win Shows Off Cases With Wooden Accents

In Win is showing off two new cases at Computex which combine aluminum, glass, and wood to create a very unique aesthetic. The first case is the In Win 806, which has a treated plywood exterior, which is much different than the brushed aluminum designs that we are used to seeing.

inwin 806

The 806 is an ATX mid-tower and has a tempered glass window with the rest of the case being made of aluminum and of course the plywood exterior complete with the In Win logo on the front. Inside you have room for CPU coolers as tall as 170 mm and graphics cards as long as 320 mm.

The next case is smaller and is the Gaming Cube A1, which has official dimensions of 200mm x 268mm x 340mm and can fit mini-ITX motherboards inside.

inwin gamingcube a1

Inside you’ll have room for an SFX power supply, 315 mm graphics cards, and CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height.

What do you think of the wood on these cases?

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