Lian Li Shows Off Alpha 330 Chassis

At Computex Lian Li is showing off a new Alpha range of cases that starts with the Alpha 330. These cases bring a big change to the company. If you didn’t know Lian Li’s managing director and chief designer has retired and left the reigns to his son. His first task is the modernize the Lian Li range to reach a broader user base. The first product with this is mind is the Alpha 330.

Lian Li Alpha 330

The Alpha 330 is a mid tower chassis and on thing that is very different from other Lian Li cases is that it is mostly made of steel rather than aluminum. This of course will keep costs down and enable more people to get their hands on this case. In addition to the steel frame you have tempered glass panels on the side as well as the front.

Lian Li Alpha 330

Moving inside of the case you have a very large and open design. There are eight expansion slots so this case could support larger motherboards like E-ATX and XL-ATX. There is a power supply cover separating the top and bottom of the case. When it comes to cooling you have room in the front of the case for three 120 or 140 fans. At the top of the case you can mount two 120 / 140 fans and finally at the rear you can fit a 120 mm fan. Radiator support includes 360 mm radiators in the front as well as the top.

Lian Li Alpha 330

Moving to the opposite side of the case we can see a mount on the backside of the motherboard tray for 2.5-inch SSDs. There is also a cage at the bottom of the case with two trays that support both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives. It does appear that this cage can be moved to accommodate longer power supplies. There is also a large wiring channel to make it easy to manage all of your cables with plenty of tie down points as well.

The Alpha 330 is expected to be available towards the end of summer and will have a price tag of around $100-$120.

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