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NVIDIA’s Max-Q Design Allows For GTX 1080-Powered Ultrabooks

Gaming Notebooks are anything but portable. For those looking for ultimate power in a laptop you end up with a desktop replacement that is huge, loud, and note all that easy to take with you. Well NVIDIA is planning to change that with their new Max-Q design, which they have announced at Computex.

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Mobile Arsenal: The Laptop

We are starting a new series of articles here on ThinkComputers. We define our “Mobile Arsenal” as what we would recommend to you for your mobile setup. Many of us are traveling all the time and we need to be able to be productive on the road. After using quite a lot of different types of mobile products and applications we are going to focus on the best and present them to you here. Today we will be focusing on laptops. This is of course the core of being productive while on the road. For our Mobile Arsenal we are going to recommend laptops that are great for doing work and getting things done. If you are looking for a gaming laptop or something else we are not going to recommend that here. So let’s get started.

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Leaked Dell Roadmap Reveals 2 Latitude Laptops for Summer

Dell continues to do its job providing its clientele world-class computers and other consumer electronic devices. Likewise they plan to launch their two new ultrabooks under its business-friendly line this summer according to the leaked roadmap of the company’s preparation. The ultrabooks which will be offered will have an attractive 12.5 inch display and branded as part of the Dell Latitude E700 series. Their label would be Dell Latitude E7240 and Dell Latitude E7440.


CES 2013: Lenovo

In 2012 Lenovo was the world's fastest-growing PC company. So what does Lenovo have planned for 2013? Quiet a lot! Starting with their tablets and Ultrabooks they showed us the X1 Carbon Touch, which is the world's lightest 14-inch touch Ultrabook. The ThinkPad Tablet 2, which is the world's lightest Windows 8 Pro tablet. And finally the ThinkPad Helix convertible Ultrabook. Lenovo has a new line of portable monitors, both wireless and USB 3.0 wired. These portable monitors will give you touch on your device and act as a second display. The coolest product Lenovo showed us was the IdeaCentre Horizon which is a 27-inch all-in-one PC. Finally we were shown the new Erazer X700 liquid-cooled gaming PC.


Checking out the latest Intel-powered Ultrabooks and Tablets

When it comes to choosing a device these days things are much different than they were just a few years ago. Now there are so many devices that allow us to complete our daily tasks that it is hard and even sometimes confusing to choose a device when it is time for an upgrade or a new purchase. Intel knows this and we sat down with them to discuss some of the latest Intel-powered Ultrabooks and tablets. They not only let us get our hands on these devices but explained many of the features that are built-in on a hardware level that you will not find with a non-Intel system. Read on as we show you some of these new devices and give you an idea of what to expect to see from Intel-powered devices in the future.

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Laptop Trends Revealed at CES 2012

It’s no secret that this month’s Consumer Electronic Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and expected to draw crowds in the hundred thousands, is one of the most important and anticipated technology events of the year. At the CES, manufacturers scramble to unveil the latest smartphones, laptops, and televisions. Experts asses these new products and offer predictions for the upcoming year. And consumers get their first up-close look at a wide range of previously rumored gadgets and devices. It’s no surprise that technology companies often see success at the CES as indicative of a profitable upcoming year.

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