Eurocom Delivers Complete VGA Upgradeability with MXM 3.0 Modules

Eurocom is a name known well for the manufacturing of high quality notebooks and laptops. It believes in using the modular MXM 3.0b VGA technology in all the versions of its laptops and notebooks for that matter as this allows the laptops to be easily upgraded with the newer and higher performing cards which fall under the same standards.


All the laptops and notebooks from Eurocom fall under the high quality benchmark and they feature the MXM 3.0b technology. The reason why these notebooks are powered by this technology is that it extends support for the most powerful graphics technology which is currently on the market and side by side it also allows the up gradation. According to Mark Bialic, who is the president of Eurocom, the company is considered to be a market leader when it comes to providing its customers with VGA upgradeable laptops and notebooks from gaming notebooks to high performance mobile computers. All high end mobile graphics solutions are supported by the company’s laptops and notebooks and their customization allows the customers the liberty to choose the exact graphics card they need for a specific performance.

The reason why modular graphics solutions have been incorporated is that they allow for higher levels of performance and increased the flexibility unlike the typical embedded graphics solutions. Eurocom delivers its customers a complete range of VGA solutions which have different TDP ranging from 65W-100 W.

Source: Eurocom | News Archive