Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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MSI X79 Motherboards Break 7 Ivy Bridge-E World Records

Not that long ago MSI released BIOS updates for their X79 motherboards to support Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge-E processors. Since that time 7 CPU-based word records have been broken by overclockers using MSI X79 motherboards.


MSI’s flagship X79 motherboard the Big Bang XPOWER II broke 3 records including wPrime 32m, wPrime 1024m and CineBench R11.5. The MSI X79A-GD45 was able to break 4 world records! These included CPU frequency on all Ivy Bridge-E models and wPrime 1024m. For those wondering the CPU frequency overclocks were as follows: i7-4960X – 6300 MHz, i7-4930K – 6552.32 MHz, i7-4820K – 6363 MHz.


Source: MSI | News Archive

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