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MSI X79 Motherboards Break 7 Ivy Bridge-E World Records

Not that long ago MSI released BIOS updates for their X79 motherboards to support Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge-E processors. Since that time 7 CPU-based word records have been broken by overclockers using MSI X79 motherboards.

ASUS X79 Deluxe Motherboard
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ASUS X79 Deluxe Motherboard Detailed

Last week we unveiled ASUS's latest X79 Motherboard for Intel's Ivy Bridge-E processors the X79 Deluxe. When we posted that article not much was know about the board, we just had to go on the photos that were leaked. Well our friends over at The Tech Report got their hands on the board for a full review so we have much more detail on this high-end board!


Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition Processor Review

If you have been following our news section for the past month we have been talking about Intel’s Ivy Bridge-E processors a lot. Enthusiasts have been waiting quite a while for Intel’s next high-end desktop chips and they are finally here! Today we get the chance to take a look at the big daddy of the group the Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition. This processor features six cores with a base speed of 3.6 GHz and a turbo speed of 4.0 GHz with 15 MB of cache. You will have 40 PCI-Express lanes for building a pretty insane gaming machine or workstation. There is also support for 4 channels of DDR3-1866 memory. How is this chip improved over the previous generation? Will this be the chip for your next build? Read on as we take a look...

ASUS X79 Deluxe Motherboard
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ASUS X79 Deluxe Motherboard For Ivy Bridge-E Unveiled

ASUS's latest upcoming X79 motherboard has been unveiled, it is the X79 Deluxe. It will feature improved components and support for the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge-E processors. Ivy Bridge-E processors are backwards compatible with all socket 2011 motherboards via a BIOS update, but that does not mean companies will not come out with new boards.

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Intel Ivy Bridge-E Processors Pre-Order Pricing Revealed

The launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge-E HEDT (High End Desktop) processors is just around the corner and the pre-order pricing for the chips have been revealed. These prices are actually a little bit higher than the pricing that was leaked back in July. It might be that because these are pre-orders the price is higher. Prices for the chips start at $342 and go all the way up to $1140.

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